1808 1C Sheldon-277 MS66BN PCGS


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he Pogue 1808 MS66

The Superb Jackman 1808 Sheldon-277
None Certified Finer by PCGS

1808 Classic Head Cent. Sheldon-277. Rarity-2. Mint State-66 BN (PCGS).

A amazing example and finest known graded by PCGS. Amber – The light brown color. Breen’s Die State VI, after several clashings had left their vestiges in front of Liberty’s profile and throughout the wreath, most prominent inside its right side. The reverse has cracked heavily, with a single crack that began at the rim above D of UNITED forking at the top of that letter. The top fork arcs along the wreath before crossing it and passing over the center of the second S in STATES on its way to the rim. The lower fork extends along the same vector as the initial crack from the rim, crossing the wreath boldly. Another substantial crack from a clash mark inside the left side of the wreath through the base of O of ONE is not connected to any other crack; it continues through the upper left of N in ONE and diminishes above the adjacent E. A short crack connects the two forks inside D of UNITED; in later states, the triangular piece between them drops from the die. A very light crack stems from the upper right of C in CENT above the upper left of E.

Provenance: Allison W. Jackman Collection; Allison W. Jackman estate, 1917; Henry Chapman’s sale of the Allison W. Jackman Collection, June 1918, lot 726; Wayte Raymond; Henry C. Hines Collection, before 1946; Dr. William H. Sheldon Collection; R.E. “Ted” Naftzger, Jr. Collection, by sale, en bloc, April 1972; Eric Streiner, by sale, en bloc, via Stack’s, February 1992; Jay Parrino; Superior Stamp and Coin Company’s sale of the Dr. Willard J. Carmel Jr. Collection, September 1997, lot 74; Superior Stamp and Coin Company’s sale of June 1999, lot 1488; Superior Stamp and Coin Company’s sale of October 2000, lot 1210; Chris Victor-McCawley; Richard Burdick, by sale, January 2006.

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